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25.08.2010 — The first «Beauty of EuroChem» was Anna Fokina



Source news Tula «Myslo.ru«

The girl won the jury angelic smile and a contemporary reading of popular songs mountaineers.

Marina Abramovic, Lydia Sazonova (Novomoskovsk, Russia), Marina Gorbatenko, «the Glory of EuroChem» Svetlana Demyanov, leading the competition Oskar Kuchera, Maria Frolov, Ludmila Dergunova, Anna Fokina (Novomoskovsk) and Natalia Paticca.
In the cultural and business center «Azot» in the city of Novomoskovsk was one of the biggest in Russia’s corporate beauty contest «Beauty of EuroChem». Since the beginning of 2010 the competition was attended by nearly one hundred girls from all enterprises of the company «EuroChem». As a result, in the ending there were only eight participants, two from Novomoskovsk.
For the contest «homework» each participant prepared a creative room. Someone sang, someone danced, someone read poetry… For five days, the girls learned to walk on stage, smile, not afraid of cameras.
Leading the competition became known showman Oscar Kuchera, star of TV series «Soldiers» and «Streets of the broken lanterns».
«I had to lead a different beauty contests. I’ll be honest – you are great! Girls are for real!
The celebrity guest opinion was shared by Vadim Jerslev, head of administration of Novomoskovsk:
– More such beautiful girls in every group! We would have worked even better (laughs). Girls, thanks for a great show.

22-year-old beauty Anna Fokina now the star is not only
native accounting, but all Novomoskovsk!

Each participant received his title and a present from the organizers of the competition. So, Lida Sazonov became the owner of a special prize from Novomoskovsk – trip to Paris! Anna Fokina took first place in the competition, and also received a laptop and a trip to Dubai. Grand Prix and crown the winners of the contest got the beauty from the city of Kingisepp, Leningrad region Svetlana Demyanova.
Anya Fokina 22 years. The girl works as an accountant in the company «Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis».
– Anya, why did you decide to participate in the contest «Beauty of EuroChem»?
– I last year saw this contest, I liked it very much. And this year I decided to try their hand. Moreover, this coincided with the desire of the leadership!
– You thought that occupies such a high place?
– In General, if I’m doing something, we all bring to the end. I wasn’t sure, but hoped.
– What for you was the most difficult in preparation for the contest?
– Fashion show! Actually, we walk down the street, not like they have to walk across the stage. To learn this was not easy! (Laughs).

At the competition she was supported by her loving family: sister Helen,
Papa Sergei Mikhailovich and mother Lubov.
You had the brightest homework – the musical «Height»!
– Yes, because I work in the construction company. We built a workshop for the manufacture and production of urea (universal fertilizer containing the maximum amount of nitrogen that is exported abroad. The construction of the century and was dedicated to doing my homework.
– Who are you rooting for?
– Parents, friends, colleagues. I felt their support. Thank you very much!

Each participant received his title and a present from the organizers of the competition.

No. 1. Svetlana Demyanov, the town of Kingisepp. «Beauty 2010 EuroChem». The prize – a tour to 60,000 rubles and laptop.

No. 2. Marina Gorbatenko, the town of Kingisepp. The prize – fridge.

No. 3. Maria Frolova, the city of Volgograd. The prize from the newspaper «EuroChem» — food processor and the laptop.

No. 4. Natalia Paticca, city of Belorechensk. «Ms. of Spectator sympathies». The prize was a set of jewelry.

No. 5. Lydia Sazonova, city of Novomoskovsk. Prize from Novomoskovsk – the trip to Paris.

No. 6. Ludmila Dergunova, the city of Kovdor. The Second «Beauty Of EuroChem». The prize is a trip anywhere in the world at 40,000 rubles and laptop.

No. 7. Anna Fokina, city of Novomoskovsk. The First «Beauty EuroChem». Prize — trip to Dubai to 50 000 rubles and the laptop.

No. 8. Marina Abramovic, the city of Nevinnomyssk. Prize – silver USB flash drive and the laptop.

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