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10.06.2015 — our site have Yandex.Widget and Yandex TCI


Through the efforts of the Informatization Department of the company «Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis» was created by Yandex.A widget that will monitor current events of our organization in the search for Yandex.

To install our widget to Yandex, click the link — [su_button size=»2″ radius=»auto» url=»http://www.yandex.ru/?add=178424&from=promocode» target=»blank»]Install widget[/su_button]

What are the widgets?

A widget is a small data block posted on the main page of Yandex. Usually it contains data or service another site, for example, news, recent posts in the forum, random joke, search for jobs, and so on.

Widgets need to obtain information from multiple sites, using as starting just one page — the main page of Yandex. Some widgets are small applications: games, calendar, clock and so on.



Also, the it Department is working on optimization and website promotion organization that brought results — the first Yandex CY — 10

What is the TCI?

Citation index (TCI) defines «credibility» of Internet resources based on the quality characteristics of links to them from other sites. This qualitative feature we call «weight» of the link. It is calculated by a specially developed algorithm. Large role played by thematic proximity and resource sites link to it. The sheer number of links to resources also affects the value of the TIC, but the TIC is determined not by the number of links, and the sum of their weights.

The idea of a citation index is simple — as a rule, people who create a website on the Internet, with care and responsibility relate to its content, as well as to the content of what they refer to and thus recommend its visitors.

Source — Яндекс.Помощь