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22.05.2015 — In Novomoskovsk after reconstruction opened a Wall of Heroes


Source — Novomoskovsk true

May 7, the eve of Victory Day, in Novomoskovsk inaugurated Wall of Heroes of the Soviet Union and the knights of the order of Glory of three degrees.

The ceremony was attended by the heads of municipal education, war veterans, home front workers, members of the public, students, relatives of those commemorated on the memorial sign, residents and the youngest among them – pupils of kindergartens.

The Assembly was addressed by the head of the municipality Vadim Jerslev, who said about the importance of these memorable places: to them you can judge the state of society. In Novomoskovsk with that’s all right: in particular, here the reconstruction, now the Wall of Heroes will stand, in the words of the head of administration, the age, and its ruby light will Shine for many generations of Novomoskovsk. Vadim Jerslev thanked the employees who completed the entire work. He assured citizens that the memory of the heroic deeds of people whose names were engraved here, will be passed on from generation to generation, wished everyone in health and peaceful sky over your head.

Taking this opportunity, the head of the municipal administration presented letters of thanks to the staff of all businesses that held on the 70th anniversary of the victory of the repairs and restoration are all situated on the territory of Novomoskovsk memorials, mass graves and memorials – 31 is a single enterprise of different ownership forms, including farms. On behalf of the townspeople congratulated on the opening of the commemorative plaque and the approaching 70th anniversary of the Victory Andrew Milkov, General Director of LLC «Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis» — an active participant in the reconstruction of the Wall of Heroes. Novomoskovsk welcomed by the head of Department of a military Commissariat of the Tula region on the cities of Novomoskovsk, the don Roman Brazhnikov.

The opening of the memorial sign was also symbolic: with adults, heads of the municipal administration and industrial enterprises, the ceremony was attended by students – winners of all-Russian Olympiad 2015.

…Loudly and solemnly sounded the names of all who is depicted on this Wall, with its base of those present laid flowers.

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