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26.04.2015 — Hosted volleyball tournaments


Source — Banner (Uglich district)

April 26th ended in a regional volleyball tournament among veterans, dedicated to the memory of participants of liquidation of Chernobyl accident. Team Ecodefense reached the semifinals, where it defeated the team of «Comet», a spot in her lungs. In the final team Ecodefense met with very strong opponents, the team of «Nitrogen» which is a finalist of the championship of Russia among veterans. The game was spectacular and intense, but in a hard fight won «Ecodefense» and took 1st place.

In December, 2014. ended with a Cup of the city of Novomoskovsk on volleyball among women’s and men’s teams. The women’s volleyball team of our organization in the semifinals, lost to the team «NITROGEN» and took 4th place. And men’s team in the semifinals, defeated the team of «Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis» and reached the final. In the final Ecodefense met with the team «NITROGEN». The game was very entertaining and tense, came forward one team or the other. In the end, with the result 3:2 on sets are won by the team of Ecodefense.
And in the end ended March open championship of the city of Novomoskovsk in volleyball, which lasted two months. Ecodefense, in the semi-finals beating team Uzlovaya, in the final lost to the team of «Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis» and took 2nd place.

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