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19.12.2014 — Cooperation in the sphere of social partnership


Source — Ministry of education of the Tula region

In the framework of cooperation in the sphere of social partnership, the students and the management of GPO «the don Polytechnic College visited LLC «Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis».

They called for repair and mechanical shop (shop steel structures, boiler and welding workshops, construction sites, workshops porous ammonium nitrate) where the demand of workers by occupation «machine operator» and «welder», got acquainted with modern equipment, with the prospects of development of production and personnel policy, the Museum of OJSC «NAK Azot».

Then at the training center held the meeting of students, the leadership of the College with the administration of LLC «Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis».

Between the College and the administration of LLC «Novomoskovsk-remstroyservis» reached an agreement on further cooperation for training of workers that are in demand in this production. The company’s administration has expressed interest in cooperation with the College, a willingness to consider the organization of practices, social support of students and most importantly – the issue of employment.


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