ООО "Новомосковск-ремстройсервис"

8 800 234-60-50

г. Новомосковск, ул. Свободы, д. 9

21.05.2013 — Workers Novomoskovsk «Nitrogen» held a football tournament, the 2nd place «Novomoskovsk-Remstroyservice»


Source — Tula football

On the field Novomoskovskaya school №9 ended the tournament among departments and divisions of the company «Nitrogen».

The tournament was attended by 8 teams playing round robin. Scored 18 points, 1st place was taken by the players ‘Fertilizers’. 2 points behind «Novomoskovskremstroyservis» 4 — «Ammonia».

The best player of the tournament was a player Sergey Khalyapin railroad. Prize for the best sniper who scored 38 goals received Alexander Golikov of «Fertilizers»